Volunteering at Trials

After reading others comments on volunteering at a trial, I thought I would add my own experience.  Like others I found that I was always working and others were having a leisure and fun day with their friends and dogs.  So I learned that I needed to balance my load and not agree to any time frame that would interfere with my own dog's runs.  That is very easy to do in a 2 ring event but gets more difficult with 3.  I have learned to say no if I need to which was very hard for me to do.  I also tend to volunteer the day of rather than ahead of time, that way if a ring is running ahead or behind I can judge accordingly.

   In my area there are A LOT of people that I never see in the ring helping but they sure do run their mouth about HOW the event is going.  So I say, help out or be quiet!!!

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