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Training for Aggressive Dogs

If you are on this page we already know you are likely very upset, Let us help.

Aggressive Doberman that recently attacked company

I had an interesting case today of a Dobe that recently attacked their sons girlfriend after numerous attempt to integrate them to no avail. 

The first part of the clip I asked the owner to bring the dog up as they would when any guests had entered. At the end of the clip (1 hour and 15 minutes from the first clip) you can see a very different dog. BTW the collar on her was NOT an E Collar it is a spray commander. 

Thank you to my sister Shanti Patty Owen for being so brave to film for me AND she was also filming when the dog was finally at ease off leash.

Case of severe crate aggression

This springer came into my boot camp program with severe crate aggression and resource guarding.  The first part of the video was trying to just get her out of the crate with me in one piece!!!  The owners had been bitten over 10 times trying to uncrate her prior to coming to camp.  So this clip gives you a little before and after.