Let a us do the work for you!!!

In our home with our family - Not a kennel

Puppy Camp - a 10 week old puppy in town!!!

Why chose Doggie Boot Camp?

NJ Dog Board and Train
Well Trained NJ Dogs


Don't stress about finding time to train your dog or new puppy, let us do all the work for you.   


Campers live with a trainer in a real home (never a Kennel) surrounded by love and family and are taught to be a welcome part of the family and your community.


Only two dogs are taken into our program at any time so your pup is the trainers       entire focus ALL DAY.

What is covered in Doggie Boot Camp / Board and Train?:

Each camp is designed to address the specific issues and behaviors that YOU are having with your dog or puppy.  From puppy issues to aggression, we have the right program for any issues.