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Our training is a 90/10 balanced approach.

What does 90/10 balance mean? 

After 36+ years of hands on training of thousands of dogs and puppies, we have found the perfect balance to train your dog. 

Your dog will understand the difference between right and wrong and happily behave without treats. We will teach them how to be a great family dog. 

We use 90% reward based training and 10% interruption of unwanted behavior.

Because every dog is not the same, expecting any one training method to work for EVERY dog is like expecting  one shoe size to fit everyone.  We want to find the method that “speaks” to your dogs way of learning.

With decades of hands on experience, we have 100’s of techniques that we can combine to find the easiest and most effective method that will create long lasting results.

Puppies and Children
NJ Puppies and Children

Owning a dogs should not be stressful or frustrating, a great family dog should be a joy to be around and behave with manners and respect.   

Well Behaved Dogs NJ
NJ Well Behaved Dogs