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Dogs and Kids - what the movies don't tell you.

Teach your children how to be around your dog and visa versa.

FACT – 45% of all Emergency Room visits for children below the age of 14 are for dog bites and most often to the child’s face.

Prepare your children with all of the right information BEFORE the new dog comes to your home. Don’t wait for an accident to happen!!!

Things you may not know about Dogs and Children:

  • Dogs don’t like to be hugged and kissed and often take that action as a threat
  • Dogs give many signals to children that they are not happy and most go unnoticed.
  • Although the concept is very cute, young children are not best suited to train a young puppy.
  • The pitch and tone of a child’s voice can heighten a dogs excitement level and cause issues.
  • Don’t encourage your child to find the tickle spot on a dog, that action is very grating and often painful.
Aggressive Dogs and Children
aggressive dog

Dogs and children must learn how to play together safely!

Dog and baby, teaching harmony